About Me

I started my art career doing pen & ink using rapidiograph pens, and for most of my life only did illustration, pen & ink, and watercolor. I worked as an airbrush artist in Honolulu, Hawaii while doing my masters degree in French and teaching part time at the University of Hawaii. In the last ten years I’ve discovered acrylic, and more importantly oil paint. I love the rich color and vibrance of oil paint, and strive with each year to improve my art and expand my knowledge and technique. Someday I hope to grow up to be a real artist, whatever that means.

I did my undergraduate work in Montana with exchanges and overseas studies in France and Africa. I attended graduate school at the University of Hawaii, and then moved to Japan in 1990 where I spent ten years full time, and many more traveling back and forth. I now reside in Seattle. I started college as a Fine Arts major, although I eventually finished with degrees in both linguistics and political science. Art has always been a part of my life.

In 2007 I started a fine art reproduction and giclée printing business called Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction in Seattle (Bellevue). My day job is now reproducing artwork for other artists and fine art photographers, which is not only an interesting job, but has an enormous impact on my own work, serving as a daily inspiration.

Scott Moore
Scott Moore

About My Art

Some of my art is just for fun, some for commentary, some for feeling and beauty, and some for practice. I enjoy a wide variety of mediums and like the freedom to make serious art and just to play. That being said I’ve heard many people say the most consistent trait in my art is my humor. I think I’m funny even if you don’t.

Some artists who have influenced me are Rembrandt, Picasso, MC Escher, Rene Magritte, Victor Hugo, Monet, Banksy, James Gurney, and Bob and Rich at the airbrush stand in Waikiki. I love all kinds of art, and really there are too many great artists and photographers that have influenced me to mention here.

2017 Exhibitions

  • The Mini Show, Ghost Gallery, Capital Hill, Seattle, WA
  • Portrait show, Pioneer Square Saloon, solo show with Aaron Hexom
  • 99 Bottles @ True Love Gallery, Seattle
  • Shibuya Sushi Bar and Grill, Bellevue, WA (paintings and Pen & Ink drawings on permanent display)
  • KEXP “On the Record, Opening June 10, 2017
  • True Love Art Gallery, Deck Show, July 2017
  • Solo show, Urban Light Studios at the Greenwood Collective, November 2017

2016 Exhibitions

  • The Drawnk Shows @ The Pioneer Square Saloon, Seattle
  • Photography work on display at Evergreen City Ballet
  • The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show, Capitol Hill
  • Portrait exibition. Solo show with Aaron Hexom at Pioneer Square Saloon

2015 Exhibitions

  • The Drawnk Shows @ The Pioneer Square Saloon, Seattle
  • Photography works on display at Evergreen City Ballet

2014 Exhibitions

None, but one of my paintings was featured in The Wall Street Journal.

2013 Exhibitions

  • Urban Light Studios – Greenwood – Photo Exhibit
  • Hangup Art and Frame, Factoria – selected prints
  • Evergreen City Ballet – selected dance photos
  • Kobo Gallery, Seattle, WA

2012 Exhibitions

  • Urban Light Studios, Seattle, WA – May-June: The All Metal Show
  • Various Public Installations, Seattle, WA
  • 2011 Exhibitions
  • Community Center of Mercer Island: Jan 3 – February 11, 2011
    Full Exhibit of my Japan Pen and Ink Series with a dozen major pieces
  • Mia Yoshihara Gallery main and 2nd, Seattle, WA
  • Kobo Galleries: Selected works on display in the Internatiniol District and Capitol Hill

2010 Exhibitions

  • Kobo Galleries: Selected works on display in the Internatiniol District and Capitol Hill
  • Kaywyn Gallery, Bothel, WA: February 6th – March 16th.
  • Overlake Hospital South Tower Lounge (Bellevue, Wa): April – May
  • Bellevue Public Library

Eastside Nihon Matsuri September

Seattle Sampling, Artist Studio Tour 2010

2009 Exhibitions

  • Daniel Smith Art Supply, Bellevue, WA: March – April 2009. Artist Invitational.
  • Overlake Hospital, Bellevue, WA: April 19th – July 19th. Bellevue Public Art displays.
  • Seattle Sampling, Artist Studio Tour 2009

2008 Exhibitions

Eastside Association for Fine Arts show at Trilogy Lodge, May 2008

RAYS (Renton Area Youth Services) Auction

Seattle Sampling, Artist Studio Tour 2008

42nd Oita Fine Art Show: Art Plaza Exhibit Hall, Oita, Japan

2007 Exhibitions

  • 41st Oita Fine Art Show: Art Plaza Exhibit Hall, Oita, Japan
  • 50th Oita Prefectural Fine Art Exhibit
  • Usuki Art Show, Usuki, Japan: Award for Kyoto Geisha painting, acrylic on Fine Art Paper
  • Seattle Sampling, Artist Studio Tour 2007

2006 Exhibitions

  • Usuki Art and Photography Exhibition, Usuki, Japan. Took Mayor’s Award for Ryugenji Temple
  • Bienare Ushiku, Ushiku, Japan
  • World Artist Network Gallery Opening in Baltimore, MD.